Who’s IGMAR?

Since at least as far back as the time of Aristotle and ancient Greece, owls have been associated with wisdom. IGMAR is no exception. IGMAR’s story (below) can be a friendly reminder of some very helpful ideas.

IGMAR is your buddy. You can count on IGMAR, except at night when IGMAR will say “I’m not tired”, but then falls asleep on the couch two minutes later. IGMAR’s favorite snack is chocolate covered raisins (IGMAR thinks they are delicious and that they’re still in the “fruit group” so IGMAR feels less guilty eating them). IGMAR enjoys going out on paddle boats, but is a little afraid of the water… IGMAR is working on it. IGMAR loves to help people learn. Feeling lost or confused? IGMAR is there for you!

IGMAR was born with one toe missing. IGMAR has learned to be optimistic and therefore uses this fact to remember the 5 character traits that seem to be universally helpful no matter where IGMAR goes or who IGMAR meets: compassion, fairness, honesty, respect & responsibility (Kidder). When IGMAR was young a bite was taken out of IGMAR’s left ear which happens to be in the shape of a “C”. IGMAR made a mistake and doesn’t often talk about what happened. IGMAR is embarrassed about it, but uses that “C” shaped bite to remember to Consult (“C”) with those who are trustworthy in order to consider different perspectives and avoid harmful biases or mistakes.

If you look closely at IGMAR’s eyes you can find 4 other C’s. IGMAR has known about these C’s since being very young. On IGMAR’s grandmother’s 100th birthday, she told IGMAR that those 4 Cs are a constant reminder of 4 helpful approaches to making ethical decisions: Character, Code, Consequences and Care (see Ethicspectrum). Those 4 Cs, combined with the C shaped bite out of IGMAR’s left ear represent the 5 Cs that help guide IGMAR. IGMAR loves to help others learn about the 5 Cs as well as the character traits that IGMAR’s toes represent since they have all been very helpful during IGMAR’s many adventures. The more we learn about IGMAR the more interesting things we discover…