Moral Philosophy

Moral Philosophy is concerned with ideas about how we should live our lives and ethical theory. We have listed one or two moral philosophers associated with each approach below, but there are also many others who have contributed to these well-resected approaches.

ethical-spectrum-logo-wedge-green-no-borders-plus-grey-2-0 CHARACTER / Color: GREEN / Animal: OTTER

Aristotle and Elizabeth Anscombe: Their work on the character traits that a person should have provide the basis for the Character approach. A Virtue approach. (Pros and Cons)

ethical-spectrum-logo-wedge-red-no-borders-plus-grey-2-0 CODE / Color: RED / Animal: HAWK

Immanuel Kant: His work on the Categorial Imperative provides the basis for the Code approach. A Deontological approach. (Pros and Cons)

ethical-spectrum-logo-wedge-blue-no-borders-plus-grey-2-0 CONSEQUENCES / Color: BLUE / Animal: WOLF

John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham: Their work on Utilitarianism provide the basis for the Consequence approach. A Teleological approach, also known as Consequentialism. (Pros and Cons)

ethical-spectrum-logo-wedge-yellow-no-borders-plus-grey-2-0 CARE / Color: YELLOW (GOLD) / Animal: BEAR

Carol Gilligan, Confucius and the many proponents of the Golden Rule: Their work on a care based approach with a focus on seeing things from other’s perspectives provide the basis for the Care Approach. This approach may be seen as a mix between a Character (Green) Approach and a Code (Red) approach, a mix between Green and Red light. (Pros and Cons)

ethical-spectrum-logo-wedge-grey-no-borders-plus-grey-3-0 CONSULT / Color: GREY (SILVER) / Animal: ELEPHANT

Daniel Kahneman:  Although many other people throughout history have stressed the importance of consulting with others to get beyond our own areas of ignorance, Nobel prize winner Kahneman’s work on heuristics and biases has been very influential. This approach may be seen as a mix between a Character (Green) focus, a Code (Red) focus, and a Consequences (Blue) focus, a mix between Green, Red light.. (Pros and Cons)

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Here is a video with more information about the field of Moral Philosophy: