Are you a Green Otter, Red Hawk, Blue Wolf, Golden Bear or Silver Elephant? (Scroll down to see the images of each animal)

  • Which animal/color best represents how YOU make decisions?
  • How do YOU decide “what’s the right thing to do?” in leadership, and life? 
  • What aspect(s) of ethics do you FOCUS on most?

The Leadership Education and Development Office (LEAD) offers a free (and less than 5 minute) quiz to help you better understand the pros and cons of the different ways that you make decisions and what that means for life and leadership. Take the quiz right now: “How do YOU decide what’s right?” quiz Typically, we may use a combination of perspectives, however we often lean towards a certain focus area. Since each focus area has pros and cons, we recommend combining them. This is called PLURALISM and can be very beneficial.

Olly the Otter (Character Focus). More details
Otter- Green Border 1 ethical-spectrum-logo-wedge-green-no-borders-plus-grey-2-0





Hadley the Hawk (Code Focus). More details
Hawk- Red Border ethical-spectrum-logo-wedge-red-no-borders-plus-grey-2-0





Whitley the Wolf (Consequences Focus). More details
   Wolf- Blue Border 





Bailey the Bear (Care Focus). More details





Elly the Elephant (Consult Focus). More details





EGOISM Focus. More details
Mirror- Dark Blue Border





The 5 animals listed above represent very respected focus areas from moral philosophy. We recommend combining the focuses of these 5 animals to balance out their strengths and weaknesses (Pluralism). For some tips on how to do this, please see the ethicspectrum page. For George Mason University community members who would like to learn more, the Leadership Education and Development Office (LEAD) offers workshops and other programs on ethics and leadership topics. The workshop that directly addresses the ethics and leadership topics discussed above is called: “What Would You Do? Making Tough Ethical Choices”. Please see our general page at or our workshop request page.