Light (Source)




Is Ethics about Opinion or Fact? Where does ethics come from? What’s the SOURCE of what’s right? What do YOU believe?

Ethics provides light for how we should live and lead, like light illuminates the dark. However, there are different opinions about the source of this light (i.e. the source of ethics). Some believe ethics is just up to personal opinion (i.e. subjective), others believe there are ethical facts to be discovered (i.e. objective). What do you believe? Take the brief (and free) quiz.

Why does this matter? Who cares what people believe? Because our beliefs very often drive our actions. Consider the person who believes “we should each do what we feel like doing in the moment” and “no one can say what’s right for someone else.” Someone who believes these statements may be less likely to want to help those who are being persecuted (e.g. less likely to want to intervene to stop the actions of the Nazis or neo-Nazis).

Consider the person who believes “there is one right way to do things and I know what it is” and wonders “how can I show others the truth of what I believe?” Someone who thinks this way may be less likely to want to listen to others and more likely to want to impose their views (e.g. more likely to want to show others how they are “backwards”).

Discover your beliefs and the pros and cons of those beliefs… take the brief (and free) quiz.